Css is either disabled or not working, so this website might not show correctly. The Principal of EES held one or more of the following roles while involved with all the following projects: Project Manager, Lead Electrical Engineer, Electrical Engineer of Record. EES’s depth and variety of knowledge, combined with the experience required to make a project successful, make EES well-suited to fulfill the role as a trusted partner on nearly any type of project.

Military Representative Projects

WYARNG Joint Force Headquarters Renovation
SDARNG Range Road Armory Relocate Communications Closet
SDARNG Soldier Road Extension - Install Gate West Camp Rapid
SDARNG VAMC Ft Meade Bldg 68 Repair HVAC
SDANG Improve Access Control Point AASF
EAFB Replace Taxiway Lighting LED, Phase 1 and Phase 2
EAFB Vehicle Holding Area
EAFB Centennial Estates Pumping Station
GFAFB EMCS Basewide Phase 2
CAVALIER AFS B830 Retrofit Standpipe
NDARNG Warehouse Interior Remodel (Bldg 6330)
NDARNG HVAC Replacement (Bldg 5800)
NDARNG Barracks Air Conditioning (Bldg 2930)
NDANG Basewide Generator Plugs